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2% It’s not milk, it’s real estate

With many competitors in real estate, Structure Services Group stands above the rest. So, why make a good deal even better – why the 2% commission options?

As professional realtors with experience, we understand that home buyers can always use a little extra money to help start their new chapter; we want our clients to be able to use their money in ways that matter:

  • Cover closing costs
  • Pay for movers
  • Make renovations and repairs to their new home

We know, “what’s the catch?” In life, everyone hears “you get what you pay for,” so how does this work?

For real estate commissions, 6% is customary. This usually breaks down to 3% for the listing agent, and 3% for the buying agent.
Instead of the customary 3%, we take 2%.
So where does the other 1% go? Well, that’s up to you. Since buying and selling homes can’t happen without buyers or sellers, Structure Services Group thinks you deserve a cut – don’t you? You see, YOU really do GET what you pay for.

Structure Services: The Smart Approach.

Contact Structure Services to see which 2% option can work for you!