Title Services

Buying and selling a home or other real property is a significant event and can be complicated. It normally requires the services of a number of professionals, including a Title Company. To assure that the transaction is handled efficiently and accurately, the title company used is very important. You can expect your escrow officer or closing agent to do several specific things for you.

• Ordering of the preliminary title report.

• Securing payoff demands/and or beneficiary statements from existing lenders and requesting full re-conveyances of any deed of trust or mortgages to be paid off in escrow.

• Obtaining instructions and loan documents from the new lender, and any documents to clear any outstanding liens against the property.

• Issuing receipts for deposits of documents and holding funds in a separate account.

• Prorating taxes, interest, rents, etc.

• Preparing buyers and seller’s escrow instructions and seeing that all documents are properly executed.

• Determining when everything is going to be completed so the transaction can close.

• Obtaining title insurance for the buyer and or the lender.

• Arranging timely transfer of the fire insurance policy or seeing that the buyer secures a new policy.

• Recording the necessary documents (such as grant deeds, deeds of trust, powers of attorney, substitutions of liability, and re-conveyances) when all the conditions of the transaction have been met.

• Disbursing all funds to the proper parties, delivering documents and preparing the final closing statements.

Property Partners, Inc. has relationships with the most experienced escrow officers that provide exceptional service and ensure a free and clear title to the new owner. Our team of professionals creates a smooth and problem free experience to a complex and sometimes challenging process.