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The full-service relocation programs at Structure Services Group are here to assist buyers or sellers with all of their moving needs. Our trained staff and agents can handle any move, whether corporate, military, or just a family moving across town.

We’re here for you – take advantage of our services. We closely monitor the performance of our agents to make sure you are getting the best service. Communication is number one at SSG – our Relocation Department is here to serve as your advocate.

For Sellers: At the times you indicated were most convenient, one of our Team Sales Associates will contact you to create a personalized marketing strategy designed to sell your home.


For Buyers: Accept our personal invitation to our office where we can create your home-buying plan. We’ll target all your housing needs and wants, help provide you with financial recommendations, and provide you with information about key items of interest to you for the locations you are interested in.


Who benefits and how do I find out if I do?
The process of relocation can be a little puzzling at times, but Structure Services Group is here to provide you with clarity, peace, and simplicity. If you are moving for your employer, start by asking your HR department if there is a relocation benefits package. If there is one, your HR representative can help you understand what your package provides, and direct you to the third party relocation company that handles moves for your company. Structure Services Group partners with many of these relocation companies, and you can always ask to use our real estate services – many relocation companies allow you to choose who you want to work with. Just remember, it’s important to make sure you are working with a corporate relocation certified agent. If you are relocating on your own or for a military PCS, there are also relocation programs that are financially beneficial – feel free to contact our Relocation staff and we will discuss what programs with financial benefits might be available for your situation.


Relocation – Buying Or Selling Out Of The Area


Structure Service Group is the complete solution to your real estate needs. Our company relocates locally and nationwide with the largest network of agents available. Since all of our agents have similar training and certification courses, we can find the best agent for you in any area, and you can trust that your agent will have the capability and expertise to help you buy or sell your property.

For more information, please contact your Structures Services Group agent or our Relocation Department staff.

 Find an Agent Program

Need help locating a professional full-time agent with a proven track record? Let us help match you with the perfect agent!

We have a nationwide network of agents who all attend the same format of relocation training our agents attend. Whether you are moving locally, across the state, across the country, or even to another country we will be happy to be your 1-stop resource.

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