About Us

Structure Services Group (SSG) is a full-service, residential real estate brokerage and lifestyle company assisting clients in New Mexico specializing in residential real estate and property management services.

SSG fosters a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment by all its brokers (agents) and business referral partners, thereby ensuring its clients and listings have the competitive edge.

Structure Services Group is a lifestyle company and a strategic real estate firm. We augment our service to you by offering design, marketing, and sales solutions for buyers, sellers, and investors. Our graphic designers and marketing strategists create a tailored, full-service advertising and marketing strategy for every client and property we represent. We leverage the most emergent technologies and social media outlets – to ensure maximum exposure for every property we represent.

Our competitive advantage comes from our private and group meetings where we build a custom strategic plan for each buyer, seller, tenant, rental property owner, and investor. These plans allow us to work for you and provide services based on our education, intelligence, and experience. We use tools, compile data, and present you with valuable information that is unsurpassed; we do not provide you with poor opinions or “Off the cuff” ideas.

Time is of the essence and we value your time and ours.

Owner-Operator Qualifications

The President of the company started his professional career in compliance as an unpaid intern for Merrill Lynch in El Paso, Texas; since then he has worked for State Farm Insurance Companies (Dallas, Texas), Wells Fargo (Albuquerque, New Mexico), Thornburg Mortgage/Investments (Santa Fe, New Mexico), and has owned an environmental compliance company (New Mexico & Arizona). He also has the real estate experience needed to understand your situation from the perspective of a Qualifying Broker and owner of a real estate company (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

He worked for GMAC-RFC- Homecomings Financial, LLC in Dallas, Texas where he mastered the loss mitigation, mortgage and real estate skills needed to assist GMAC mortgage holders with their homeownership challenges.

These are the very skills and strategy concepts that will be used to help you execute a successful real estate transaction.

Buy, sell, rent, lease, or invest, the company has the knowledge through experience and education to help you be successful so that your real estate goals are met.

The Qualifying Broker/President of the company reviews all files to ensure that we are working for you and placing your best interests first. We never want to guide you through a real estate transaction of any kind that may cause you hardship later.

The President of the company makes sure that we look at your loan amount, payment obligations, location, future growth, and trends in construction, lifestyle factors that may or may not impact your long term investments goals or day to day living.

  • 14 years of professional compliance experience
  • 10 years of formal education (MBA degree, Dual Bachelors’ Degrees, 2 Professional Licenses, Various Professional Certificates


  1. Qualifying Broker – Service Group America Inc. dba Structure Services Group

Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. GMAC, Homecomings Financial LLC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation Companies) – Loss Mitigation Specialist / Portfolio Manager

Dallas, Texas / San Diego, California / Minneapolis, Minnesota – Nation Wide

Specialization: Foreclosure Operations, Loan Modification Operations, Loan Retention & Liquidation Operations, Real Estate Operations, REO Operations, Property Management, Property Disposition, Property Preservation, Mortgage Servicing, Distressed Asset Operations, Mortgage Backed Securities, Asset Backed Securities, Investor Relations, Default Servicing

  • Assisted more than 3,225 homeowners keep their homes through implementation and use of repayment plans or loan modifications (Mortgage Retention Activities)
  • Assisted more than 3,068 homeowners sell or transfer their homes to others by Short Sale or Traditional Real Estate Sale (Mortgage Liquidation Activities)
  • Assisted more than 600 homeowners avoid foreclosure by voluntarily returning ownership of the deed and home to the bank by Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure. (Mortgage Liquidation Activities)
  • Provided detailed plans to assist more than 1,225 borrowers through the foreclosure process in order to keep them in the home for as long as possible (Foreclosure is an option in order to help some people get back on their feet, we worked with these borrowers so that they could stay in the home while they looked for other places to live, other employment opportunities, avoid children changing schools, etc. Keeping a home occupied is better than allowing it to become vacant. Vacancy issues like vandalism, etc. can impact a neighborhood and lower property values. It is better for a borrower to stay in the home for as long as they can if no other option is available; by doing so it also gives them time to plan for what they need to do next, it gives them time to save money, look for work, etc.)
  • More than $23,000.00 was given to borrowers who participated in Cash for Keys or Cash for Deeds transactions; this money allowed the borrower to have money to pay for moving expenses, travel expenses, rent, deposits, general expenses, etc.
  • Prime Loans, Sub Prime Loans, Jumbo & Super Jumbo Loans
  • Investor Servicing / Default Servicing
  1. Thornburg Mortgage (Thornburg Investments) – Wholesale Account Manager

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Specialization: Manage wholesale account network of nationwide mortgage offices, Manage nationwide network of sales account executives, Underwrite and approve mortgage offices for wholesale and correspondent lenders, Pledged Asset Loans

Manage funds to comply with Real Estate Investment Trust rules, regulations, laws

Average mortgage issued $785,000.00, Jumbo & Super Jumbo Loans

  1. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage – Mortgage Loan Officer

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Specialization: Sub Prime loan officer, average mortgage issued $185,000.00

  1. State Farm Insurance Companies – Licensed Insurance Adjuster

Dallas, Texas

Specialization: Homeowner’s Insurance Claims, Underwriting, Property Settlements, Construction Inspections


Master’s Degree Business Administration

Bachelor’s Degree Computer Information Systems

Bachelor’s Degree Business Management

New Mexico – Qualifying Broker (Real Estate Broker) / License # by request

New Mexico – Insurance Adjuster / License # by request

Texas Insurance – Adjuster / License # no longer active