Foreclosure Assistance

Financial hardships are becoming more common as we experience changes in the economy. Foreclosure is a legal activity that some people may encounter and we have the training and experience to help evaluate the situation.

Many brokers and real estate agents claim that they can stop a foreclosure and many will encourage someone facing a hardship to sell without evaluating the situation. The reason for this is because these brokers do not have the training and experience to properly evaluate the situation.

Our team will evaluate your situation and provide you with a recommendation about what you should do.

We can provide you with a complimentary review of your situation in order to determine if you are a candidate for “Short Sale” or if your home could be sold for a full payoff to the bank therefore alleviating you of the payment burden.

Other solutions may be available to better help you and your family.

Selling the home may also be a mistake because it displaces the family, disrupts school attendance & activities, and changes the dynamics involved with property values.

We will also tell you to keep the home if that is the smartest thing to do. We have no problem evaluating the situation and encouraging you to keep the home and not sell it if that is the correct thing to do (in the short term and long term).

Selling may also allow the freedom of starting over for some people, however in order to discuss these options we need to talk and find out details from you.

Structure Services Group also has a Loss Mitigation division (foreclosure assistance division) where we can obtain information from you, complete a pre-foreclosure application, and help you negotiate with the bank to keep your home, return it, etc. There are other ways that we can help you avoid foreclosure or avoid “full foreclosure” of the property and mortgage besides a short sale. Many brokers choose to elect the short sale because they do not have the experience to evaluate a financial hardship correctly.

As part of this process we can also provide you with insight about restructuring your budget and spending habits. The loss mitigation process is a full evaluation of the situation, not just choosing an option that may not be correct for everyone.

Please feel free to visit our loss mitigation web site at the address below and we encourage you to call us and share some details about your situation. We will help as much as we can.

We understand that bad things happen to good people.

WWW.MORTGAGEOUTREACH.COM, a division of Structure Services Group.

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